Footsteps Project

Team Meetings and Workshops

In addition to regular team meetings at the Universities of Keele and Hull respectively, we convened three team building and planning workshops, one at the start of the project in the UK, mid way through the project field research in the Middle East and one at the end of the project following our final conference in the Philippines.

Initial project workshop at Monsal Head, Derbyshire, 16-18 July, 2007.

Our first meeting as a team, we exchanged ideas, agreed research strategies and confirmed the project timetable and enjoyed some wet and windswept walks.

Mid-Project Meeting in Sharm el Sheikh & Pilgrimage to Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai, May 08.

Organized temporal mid-point in the project cycle, the team met in Egypt, at a geographically central location between our different field sites, to evaluate the progress of the project, discuss the final stages of field work and plan our dissemination events. We also took the opportunity to undertake our own pilgrimage to a site that is sacred to both Christians and Muslims alike.

Final Team Meeting in Bataan, Philippines, 7-8 Jan, 2010

Following our final successful end of award workshop at the University of the Philippines, the team meet for the last time at a beach resort and turtle sanctuary in Bataan north of Manila to finalize the project publication and begin drafting our end of award report.